Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft (No Wizardry Here) - Part 2

Here is the rest of the evidence that proves I go to Hogwarts. 

Exhibit B: The robes

Because 1 is never enough, I now present to you 9 ways to wear your witch robe:

1. The Time Turner - 
Mixing the past and the future since it all began

2. The Looney Lovegood - 
Quirky, but adorable

3. The Great for a Hogsmead Date - 
Simplicity with a twist. 

4. The Chic House Elf - 
They'll think you're the house elf of a king!

5. The Madame Rosmerta - 
Sassy, yet conservative enough for the pub closest to Hogwarts 

6. The Classic Dress Robes - 
Worn by witches everywhere!

7. The Quidditch Captain - 
You'll feel like a champion!

8.The Yule Ball Gown - 
Makes a plain robe look glamorous enough to stop Viktor Krum in his tracks.  

And my absolute favorite, 
9. The Fleur Delacour - 
An inspiring new look from the French females at Beauxbaton. 
Oo la la!

Madame Malkin would be so proud! 

Exhibit C: The teachers

Here at Hogwarts we are lucky enough to have teachers like Professor Quirrell (he's changed his ways and no longer hides creepy things under his turban), 

Professor Binns (who is still a strong believer in the facts, not the myths and legends behind the history of magic),  

And best of all, Madame Hooch!! 

(The resemblance is uncanny and she talks about the "ministry" all the time.  It's her. I know it.)

There you have it.  I got on a plane expecting to come to New Zealand and ended up at Hogwarts instead.  I'm okay with that! 

~ Rach 
(A seventh year who aspires to one day follow after Professor McGonagall and teach Transfiguration) 


Kylie said...

hahahahaha! Best. Blogpost. Ever!

Rachel said...

Thanks haha. Glad you liked it :)

Mary said...

Give Andrea a big old hug from the Cox family!!! You are all a bunch of really lucky girls to get to live with her fun and energy for the next few months. Take good care of each other and laugh your cares away!!!

Love you Andrea!!! :)

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