Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I guess you could say we've finally established some routines here in New Zealand.

We leave our humble abode at 7:20 to trek for 35 minutes.  
We're getting our exercise just by walking to and from school everyday!!

  We go to school in this lovely chapel, Mon.-Fri. 8:00-3:30.

First day of school! Let me just say (again) that I adore these girls! 

As we walk home from school we often take a detours to Pak'nSave, one of New Zealand's wonderful grocery stores.  It's kind of like Winco in the states, and we really like it.  In Pak'nSave we often come across some foods that aren't what I'd call typical.  
 New Zealand has a thing  for  honeycomb.    

                                                        Chocolate mint milk? Might as well drink ice cream.  

       Kiwi-flavored juice (and pretty much everything else)    

                                                  Fish heads! What a pleasant surprise it was to come across these!

Some foods are different, but some have also become favorites (to the point where we will all definitely go through withdrawals when we have to leave them behind).   

                            Tim Tams were a wonderful thing to discover and they exist in the states!        
                                                      Golden kiwis are ten billion times better than green kiwis! 

Ginger beer and Lemon Lime & Bitters sodas.  They may seem odd and oh they are so tasty!

Last but not least, chicken flavored potato chips.  
Yes they taste like chicken and yes they are delicious. 

We get home at about 5 everyday and eventually watch the sunset from our kitchen window.  
I bet you wish your view from your kitchen window was this pretty huh??

We're loving the kiwilicious lifestyle here in New Zealand! More to come!! 

- Rach 


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