Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft (No Wizardry Here) - Part 3

     Well muggles, before I tell you about everything else that's been going on, I decided to tell you's official. The world of Harry Potter really does exist. I knew (well we all knew it) it deep in my heart, but my time in New Zealand has confirmed it for me.  I showed you the classes, the attire, and the teachers, and the addition of scenery and other objects will just add more supporting evidence.  So, I now present to you...

Exhibit D: The Scenery 
Diagon Alley
The entrance to Diagon Alley behind The Leaky Cauldron. It looks like a normal archway, but tap the correct brick pattern and POOF! You'll be rushing through a bunch of bustling witches and wizards! (Watch out for the ones coming out of Eeylops Owl Emporium! You'll recognize them by their smell...)    

The Horcrux Cave
This is definitely the entrance to the cave in which Harry and Dumbledore went searching for one of the horcruxes.  How did I know this was the place you ask?  Well, "It has known magic."

Number 4, Privet Drive, Little Whinging 
(Number 4 is tucked back on the left side. Don't be alarmed if you feel walk down the lane and feel like someone's watching you.  Aunt Petunia spends heaps of time "gardening" aka spying on anyone who passes her home.)

Exhibit E: Everything Else 

The Ministry 
The Ministry of Magic's seal seems to grace every surface imaginable.  If the Ministry's not careful, the muggles are going to realize something's up.   

Professor Dumbledore
The man has classy taste.  

The Glasses  
How much more obvious can you get? I mean please Harry! Next time you decide to disguise yourself and leave your classes in the shop, at least leave them somewhere less noticeable! 

And the evidence that puts all the rest to shame...
The Weasley's flying car. 
It was sitting in the carpark, minding its own business, and just oozing magic! 

A muggle Ford Anglia licensed by the Ministry of Magic... 

I rest my case. Mischief managed. 

~Rachel E. Bagley, registered intern of the Department of Magical Education 


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