Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Fell in Love...With the South Island

     The South Island...oh what a wonderful wonderful wonderful place.  I can't even tell you how amazing it is! We've been here for just about 7 days and have fit in SO much! We started with a beautiful sunrise...
(One of the only perks of being up at 5:45 am)

...a drive to and a stop over in Wellington...
(Our temporary home!)
( Elise and I got our Lord-of-the-Rings-action-figure-model-posing time in.)

...followed shortly thereafter by a ferry ride from Wellington (the very bottom tip of the North Island) to Picton (the tip top of the South Island). 
(So much excitement for just a ferry ride!)
(Kind of like an airplane, but with more rocking and better seats)
(Our view from the boat was soooo pretty!)

We then sat in this van for a VERY long time...

(Basically our home)

...saw some adorable baby seals...
(They kind of look like leeches in this picture, but they really were adorable waddling baby seals!)

...and eventually stopped for a bit in Christchurch. 
(New Zealand will never run out of beautiful sunsets.)

We saw the devastation in Christchurch (caused by two major earthquakes about 2-3 years ago)...
(Those metal crates are blocking the rocks, that continue to fall, from damaging the roads.) 

...saw some of the things in Christchurch that have been rebuilt, and went on our way again. 
(There weren't very many people out on the beaches, and while it was kind of eerie, it was still amazing.)

 After what seemed liked days (okay, hours) in the van, we finally stopped in Queenstown! 
I love this place! (and if I had to live in New Zealand this is where I would live hands down)

Queenstown has made us quite adventurous. We started with a trip to the Mirror lakes...
(Look at the reflection in the water. Cool huh??)
(Such a clever sign!)
...a stop off at the Chasm...

...and a boat tour through Milford Sound.
(Unbelievably beautiful. It almost looked fake!)

 (Soooooo windy!)

The next few days brought a jet boat ride along the Shotover River (look it up! Sadly I couldn't take any pictures of it. Just imagine an incredibly fast speed boat going through an extremely narrow canyon and making you feel like you were going to die!) and a bumpy trip (along a dirt road) to 12 Mile Delta. It was beautiful! 

 (Just take my breath away why don't you?)

Oh and did I mention? We also took a little trip to the Kawarau Bridge and Nevis Canyon to do this...
 (I don't think I'll ever be able to look at this without getting butterflies...)
(Holding on for dear life!)

...and this...

(That little dot on the left is us!)
Scariest things I've EVER done...EVER!! 

South Island, I love you sooo much! (Which seems fitting seeing as it is already Valentine's Day here.)
More to come soon! 



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