Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wonderful Weekend Wanderings - Part 1

    Let's just say that this week was the most spectacular week EVER!!! I finished my classes (don't worry, I still have heaps of homework to do so school's not really over yet), listened to an awesome lecture about Maori immersion schools, went to the Auckland zoo, and then had an A-MAZING time in Hamilton/Rotorua/Matamata/Hobbiton/Pokeno.  Ah! I could do it all again! The spectularness really started at the zoo, so I'll start there.

     We only had half a day of school on Thursday, so obviously we needed to spend the other half of the day on a New Zealand adventure.  Our choice was the zoo! So I present...

Slow and steady wins the race right?  Well this guy will definitely win because he was moving like a statue. 

 Be fierce and smile with your eyes.

We love the zoo!

Some of my favorite animals...the pygmy marmoset, 

the orangutans (they were holding hands! so cute!), 

this little fella :), 

and the darling baboon family.

 We were also hopeful to see the famous New Zealand kiwi bird, but they were all sleeping dang it.

This has nothing to do with animals, but this lovely little photo shows the New Zealand silver fern. 
 Soothing green on one side and then BAM! shimmering silver on the other.

Kylie is a babe!! Love this girl and her pink umbrella.

 We had a grand old time (and really enjoyed posing under a giant elephant).

     On Friday we woke up super early and drove to Hamilton (about 2 hours south of where we live).   In Hamilton we had the wonderful opportunity of doing baptisms for the dead in the Hamilton, New Zealand temple.  It was so fun to visit with the cute temple workers and to be reminded of the blessing of the gospel.  It was wonderful! 

It is a beautiful temple on top of a hill that looks out over Hamilton.  It's amazing!  

It was so incredible to be in the temple with all of these wonderful ladies! 

Get ready for part 2! 



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